Financing Solutions

Flexible Financing Solutions for Your Beautiful Smile

At Invisible Smiles of TN, we’re committed to making your dream smile a reality by providing flexible and convenient financing options. We understand that the journey to your perfect smile should be as stress-free as possible, which is why we offer various financing choices, including HFD and CareCredit.

HFD: Your Trusted Partner in Orthodontic Financing

With HFD, you have a reliable ally in your quest for a radiant smile. Our partnership with HFD ensures that you can access orthodontic financing solutions tailored to your needs. HFD’s commitment to making orthodontic care affordable aligns perfectly with our mission to provide top-quality treatment to our patients.
To learn more about HFD and their financing options, visit and take the first step toward your beautiful, confident smile.

CareCredit: Your Path to Budget-Friendly Orthodontic Care

CareCredit is another valuable financing option we offer at Invisible Smiles of TN. With CareCredit, you can take control of your orthodontic expenses and enjoy convenient, budget-friendly payment plans. This widely recognized financing program is designed to make healthcare costs more manageable, including orthodontic treatments.
To explore the benefits of CareCredit and begin your journey to a more beautiful smile, visit for more information.
At Invisible Smiles of TN, we believe that financing should never stand in the way of your dream smile. We’re here to provide you with the financial options and support you need to achieve the confidence and happiness that comes with a radiant, straight smile.